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What Is An ESNcard?

The ESNcard is a membership card to the Erasmus Generation. It grants you access to ESN Leiden events at a discount as well as over 1500 national & local discounts! It provides many discounts such as Ryanair, Flixbus, The Economist, Ibis Hotel, Einstein’s, Panini, etc. 

How To Get an ESNcard?

  1. Click the link on the right. 
  2. Choose the option to buy an ESNcard. 
  3. Click fill out the form. 
  4.  Add an ESNcard to your shopping cart. 
  5. Stop by the Common Room (Kaiserstraat 25) to pick it up!
  6. After these steps, your ESNcard will be valid for 1 year.
  7. When you receive your ESNcard, register your personal ESNcard at to access and explore the discounts.